Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Exercises in Legal Writing: Part I (With Answers)

In the June 2017 issue of the New York State Bar Association Journal, Judge Gerald Lebovits offers his first set of writing exercises:

This multi-part series is designed to help you exercise your legal-writing skills. In Part I, the Legal Writer will review some of the most important concepts in legal writing, including the passive voice, writing in the positive, metadiscourse, and gender neutrality.

Below are exercises to test you on the concepts you’ve learned, or which you already know. Edit the sentences: Change the words, rearrange them, add or delete them. After you’ve edited the sentences, look at the answers at the end of this article to determine whether you’ve edited them correctly.

He provides suggested answers. You can access the article here.


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Another in a series of very good and useful articles on legal writing. Judge Lebovits knows precisely what points to emphasize for law students, new attorneys, and veteran practitioners. I think the most important points are clarity and tone. Everyone committed to improved legal writing should print, read, and retain this article (not to mention do the exercises).

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