Thursday, March 23, 2017

Professor Arthur Miller on the Importance of Legal Research

Last week, I wrote a post criticizing Professor Jason Yackee for his lack of awareness of the role and importance of legal writing professors in law schools, as expressed in his two comments on the TaxProf Blog.  (here)

Now, I have just found two youtube videos in which Professor Arthur Miller stresses the importance of research (and other skills) to law school graduates and lawyers.  In other words, he does exactly the opposite what Professor Yackee did by recognizing the central importance of skills training to legal education.  As you watch these videos, pay attention to Professor Miller's comments on the doctrine/skills divide.


As we continue to reform legal education, we need to start from Professor Miller's comment that 90% of law school graduates will become practicing lawyers, not philosophers.

What these videos also demonstrate is that doctrinal professors and skills professors need to work together to create the best law graduates.

(Scott Fruehwald) (hat tip: Ralph Brill)

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