Thursday, February 9, 2017

Working with a Law Student

The offers advice to firms. It discusses the pros and cons of hiring a law student. It then offers advice. Here are the headlines:

Work through the school’s placement service. While you could post an ad online looking to hire a law student, you are more likely to get a good match going through a law school’s placement office.

The hiring process. Hiring a law student is not much different than hiring a potential new associate.

Training. It’s critical that you give transparent instructions, especially at first.

Where do you put them? 

 Scheduling. If you hire a law student during the summer, they probably have very flexible schedules. During the school year, law students obviously have classes.

Practice areas. Rohne and Trevelyan Hornblower both say they have seen placements in nearly every area of law. They’ve seen placements in family law, real estate, trusts and estates, criminal and employment law.

I think this advice applies to professors hiring research assistants.You can read more here.


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