Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Top Law School

In 2016, LawDragon Campus took a road trip to visit the campuses of all U.S. law schools. Its assessment:

University of Texas Law School is tops for us – why? It’s at the forefront of the student-centric flip in legal education, led by Dean Ward Farnsworth. Also – and this gets complicated, but you can read here for a preview – there is no law school that can touch it within 1,154 miles in any direction. And it’s #1 in a state that mightily matters, and which it dominates. While a bit geeky, the ‘protractor’ test is one you’ll hear about again from us. For 98 percent of law school graduates – those not among the ultra-elites being courted by Harvard, Stanford and Yale – you should seriously consider going to law school in the state and region where you are going to practice. You will be making business contacts with your fellow law students, and have greatly improved odds of networking your way into a better job with local alumni. Texas places better than just about any school outside the Northeast in the N.Y.-D.C. corridor, but it cleans house in Texas.

You can read more here. (P.S. Texas is my law school alma mater.)


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