Wednesday, February 22, 2017

"The Past and Future of Externship Scholarship"

This is a new article by Professor Harriet Katz (Rutgers) and available at 23 Clinical L. Rev. 397 (2016) and here on SSRN. From the abstract:

This article offers an overview of scholarship about legal externship produced over the past three decades, along with suggestions for the direction of future work. Past publications examined externship’s educational value and pedagogic methods as a part of clinical education, surveyed characteristics of externship among law schools nationwide, chronicled the development of specific externship programs, and explored a variety of educational issues, as well as producing texts advocating best practices. Future work may examine the impact of changed ABA Standards and the evolution of legal education generally, including the status of externship faculty. It is hoped that this review helps orient new externship faculty and stimulates new ideas.


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