Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Growth Mindset

We on this blog have often advocated the use of the "growth mindset" (along with other techniques) to help students from minority groups become better students and lawyers.  Now, there is a study that shows the growth mindset can help women lawyers.

 ABA Journal, Having grit and a growth mindset goes a long way for women lawyers, according to ABA study.

"One of the myths that the program aimed to dispel was that talent alone determines success. “It’s more like Talent + Deliberate Practice + Motivation + Circumstance + Other Important Variables=Success,” according to a slide in the presentation."

"There’s a statistically significant relationship between grit, mindset and various measures of success for lawyers in all practice areas, the study found, and lawyers are 'pretty gritty.' The research also shows that women attorneys tend to think that grit and growth mindset are important for success, and that while many successful lawyers show growth-mindset traits when dealing with difficult situations, there’s 'significant room for improvement.'"

"The study asserts that whether someone has a growth mindset predicts his or her seniority in an organization."

"The Grit Project’s study findings are expected to be published in August in a book titled Grit, the Secret to Advancement: Stories of Successful Women Lawyers."

(Scott Fruehwald)

For more on the growth mindset, see E. Scott Fruehwald, Developing Your Professional Identity: Creating Your Inner Lawyer (2015), pp. 21-23.

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