Monday, February 27, 2017

How Syracuse Improved its Bar Passage Rate

On the July 2016 bar exam, Syracuse enjoyed an 89% pass rated, behind Columbia, Cornell, and NYU, and better than Fordham, Cardozo, Brooklyn, and Buffalo. At his Law School Reports blog, Brian Leiter shares the explanation of Syracuse Professor Christian Day.

The bottom line: appointing someone dedicated to the bar success effort, readmitting fewer students and requiring poorly performing students to take a set of core courses-- Commercial Transactions, New York Civil Procedure, Business Associations, Constitutional Criminal Procedure—Investigation and Adjudication, Wills and Trusts, Family Law, Evidence, and Foundational Skills for Professional Licensing  (a bar prep course taught by faculty or staff that emphasizes exam prep and writing) (graded, not pass/fail).

You can read a fuller explanation here (Feb. 20, 2017).


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