Friday, February 17, 2017

Class of 2016 Gave More than $52 Million in Legal Services

From the National Jurist preLaw:

AALS conducted a survey in November, and 80 law schools reported that 17,899 law students in the class of 2016 contributed more than 2.2 million hours in legal services as part of their legal education. That’s an average of about 124 hours per student.

Independent Sector, a nonprofit organization coalition, estimates the value of volunteer time to be $23.56 an hour. Using this number, the total value of the students' time at these schools is estimated to be in excess of $52.2 million. 

Let’s say that again: $52.2 million. 

And that’s probably on the low side. Several schools indicated that many hours go unreported, or are difficult to track, and actual contributions are likely to be significantly higher. The project also did not include hours contributed by students in law school master degree programs.

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