Tuesday, January 10, 2017

More on Charlotte Law School and Infilaw

ABA Journal, Charlotte School of Law students reportedly will receive spring loan money.

"Spring semester student loan proceeds for Charlotte School of Law students will be disbursed, a school spokesperson told the ABA Journal on Tuesday. Classes are scheduled to start Jan. 17."

"In the same post, the school reported that it was working on getting students awarded Federal Direct Loans their money, and that it is also looking into “bridge financing” for loan proceeds that would cover things besides tuition and fees. The post also noted that the school was exploring private loans for students, including institutional loans."

David Frakt, Law School Transparency’s Call for Greater Transparency from InfiLaw Yields Immediate Results from Florida Coastal.

"On January 4, 2017,  Kyle McEntee and I, on behalf of Law School Transparency, sent a letter to InfiLaw encouraging the corporation to be more transparent about its law schools"

"On January 9, 2017, in an apparent response to these calls for greater transparency, Florida Coastal released a statement to its students and to some media outlets about an area of non-compliance with regulatory standards that it had not previously publicly disclosed, specifically, that the Department of Education has recently published the Gainful Employment (GE) results and Florida Coastal failed.  If a school fails this test in two out of three years (or two years in a row), then it will lose access to Federal student loan funding from the Department of Education, so this is clearly information that both current and prospective Florida Coastal students are entitled to know.  The results were publicly released on November 23, 2016, so Florida Coastal has known about the results for at least several weeks."

"Florida Coastal Dean Scott DeVito sent me a gracious e-mail with a copy of the statement. His message stated, in part:

In an attempt to be completely transparent we are providing you, Above the Law, and the Florida Times Union, with a copy of the email I sent today to students, faculty, and staff at Coastal about GE.

I appreciate this effort at greater transparency and am working with LST to provide a specific and detailed response to Florida Coastal’s statement about the Gainful Employment (GE) standard. We hope to publish this response later this week."

"In response to my Faculty Lounge post in which I challenged an earlier statement by Dean DeVito that Florida Coastal had steadily raised its admission standards over the last three years, he provided some unofficial updates on Florida Coastal’s recent admissions.

I checked with our dean of admissions and our 25th percentile for 2016 fall cohort was 143. In addition, we are currently on track for a 25th percentile of 145 for the spring 2017 class, and we intend to have a 25th percentile of at least 147 in fall 2017.

These updated figures suggest that Florida Coastal is trying to make good on Dean DeVito’s pledge to substantially increase admissions standards, and is starting to follow the plan that I laid out for the school in April 2014.  

I want to publicly commend Dean DeVito for moving admissions standards in the right direction.  Not coincidentally, setting a 25% percentile LSAT at a minimum of 147 is exactly what I recommended for Florida schools. . ."

"It seems that Sterling Partners has realized that the days of huge profits from InfiLaw are over, and they are looking to dump this investment and move on.  In my view, these law schools, if they survive, will be much better off without them."

(Scott Fruehwald)


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