Friday, December 16, 2016

The Value of Using Visuals

Over at Attorney at Work, Susan Kostal catalogues the reasons why lawyers should think about improving their documents with visuals, like photos, graphs, and videos.

  1. Most people can read 200 words per minute. But we can take in visual information 60,000 times faster than we can absorb text. Do the math.
  2. Our eyes are drawn to photographs, colors, even graphically pleasing type treatments. It is refreshing.
  3. New visuals on evergreen content make it new to your audience. This gives your content even          longer legs. (Check out“Evergreen Content Saves Headaches and Sets You Apart.”)
  4. Social media content with relevant images gets 94 percent more views than content without relevant images.
  5. Visuals give your readers important cues to determine if your content is useful to them and whether reading it’s worth their time. Even simple graphics help.
  6. Visuals drive home your brand. By using your firm’s color palette and type library, even a simple pull quote emphasizes your brand and creates more cohesive marketing communications.
  7. Bespoke visuals set you apart in a way nothing else can. For full explanations, please click here. You also will find listed places where you can find free videos.

You also will find here places where you can get free visuals.


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