Sunday, December 25, 2016

The Sanctuary Campus: A Good Idea?

A number of schools, churches, and cities are declaring themselves sanctuary campuses, churches, and municipalities. But not Harvard:

From news.mic:

On Tuesday, Drew G. Faust, president of Harvard University, announced the school has chosen not to label itself a sanctuary, which would have hypothetically prevented the deportation of undocumented students, according to the Harvard Crimson. She reasoned that, because doing so would offer no legal protections, it could increase government scrutiny of students in need of protection.

"It ... risks drawing special attention to the students in ways that could put their status in greater jeopardy," Faust said. "I believe it would endanger, rather than protect, our students, and that is not something I am willing for this institution to do."

"Sanctuary campus status has no legal significance or even clear definition," she added. "It offers no actual protection to our students. I worry that in fact it offers false and misleading assurance."

From my viewpoint, although there are hypothetical drawbacks, I don’t see any realistic downside to schools adopting this label. On the other hand, it shows support for students who need it.

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