Friday, October 28, 2016

Top Jobs for Work-Life Balance

Sorry, law is not among them. According to an extensive survey, here are the top contenders:

DevOps Engineer

Work-life balance rating: 4.0

Median salary: $110,000

If you think of research engineers as the people finding the best technological innovations for a company, development and operations — aka DevOps — engineers are the ones developing and managing such innovations. These roles tend to be a bit more technical. 

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Mobile developer  

Work-life balance rating: 4.0

Median salary: $101,318

These developers lead the creation of companies' apps for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. 

Technical account manager

Work-life balance rating: 4.0

Median salary: $75,000

Along with providing technical help, this job generally consists of managing a company's various accounts and assisting partners or customers.

Recruiting coordinator

Work-life balance rating: 4.0

Median salary: $48,000

A recruiting coordinator is a bit like a "bouncer" for a company or organization, deciding whether or not candidates are suited for open positions.

You can read more at, here. Although work-life balance is a good goal, it also can mean easy hours and low commitment to your work. Depends on how much you value your professional goals.


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