Wednesday, September 28, 2016

New Issue of the Second Draft

New Issue of the Second Draft

The latest issue of this publication by the Legal Writing Institute is now out (here).

Here is the table of contents:       (ljs)

President’s Greeting Kim D. Chanbonpin

From the Desk of the Co-Editor-in-Chief Abigail L. Perdue

Legal “Street” Writing Dyane O’Leary

Best Practices in Legal Education: How Live Critiquing and Cooperative Work Lead to Happy Students and Happy

    Professors Anna Hemingway and Amanda Smith

The Serial Podcast: Bringing the Real World into First-Year Legal Writing Jessica Durkis-Stokes and Amy Vorenberg

Making It Stick: Using the Science of Successful Learning in Legal Writing Classrooms Craig Smith

Teaching Undergraduates, Teaching First Years Kristen Murray

Teaching Professionalism and How to “Act Professionally” by Coordinating Legal Writing with Professional Development

    JoAnne Sweeny

Written Advocacy Training Throughout a PracticeOriented Curriculum Matthew C. Cordon and R. Scott Fraley

Lawyering Skills and Clinical Cooperation: Teaching Spanish for Lawyers at John Marshall Kim D. Chanbonpin and Sarah Dávila-Ruhaak

Easy Ways to Incorporate Mindfulness in the Legal Writing Classroom Shailini J. George

Legal Writing Professors Without Borders: Exploring the Benefits of Integrated Teaching of Legal Writing, Doctrine, and More Sherri Lee Keene

From the Desk of the Writing Specialist Chantal Morton

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