Monday, September 26, 2016

Mistakes that Spell Checking Won’t Find

If you type in a wrong word that has a valid synonym, a spellchecker won’t notice your error. At his blog, Wayne Scheiss gives several real-life examples of spellcheck goofs. Here are a few:

The staff from Surgical Services, Medical Services, and Pharmacy, as well as all the patients and visitors, observed the bazaar behavior.

  • The word should be bizarre.

This action is nothing more than another viscous attack by Plaintiff against its adversaries’ attorneys.

  • Viscous means thick and sticky in consistency. The writer should use vicious (or maybe should attack the merits instead of describing the plaintiff’s motives).

For all intensive purposes, the Defendant did nothing more than recite the Rules of Evidence at length.

  • The proper phrase here is intents and purposes.

For more examples, please click here.


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