Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Government Lawyers Don’t Understand the Internet

So says Garrett M. Graff, the former editor of Politico Magazine, and a leading authority on national security, technology and politics. From the Washington Post:

Whether it’s high-level physics research or the technology of our daily lives, the government’s lawyers are struggling to grasp the increasingly technical cases that come before them. Both federal prosecutors and the attorneys who represent executive agencies in court are bungling lawsuits across the country because they don’t understand what they’re talking about. Too few lawyers have the skill set or the specialized knowledge to make sense of code, networks and the people who use them, and too few law schools are telling them what they need to know. “It would be enormously helpful to have a deeper bench of lawyers with technical backgrounds,” says Susan Hennessey, a Brookings Institution fellow and former National Security Agency lawyer.

You can read more of this excellent article here.

At the risk of treading into current politics, I can understand why high-level officials might be cautious in using government email systems, perhaps on less than optimal equipment, and decide to use nongovermental systems.



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