Friday, September 30, 2016

Advice for New Law Students from D.C. Bar Members

Members of the D.C. Bar's Board of Governors talk about what they wish they knew while in law school, and offer advice on how law students can make the most of their time. Several of the Board members are law professors. Here are a few of their pieces of advice:

Susan Bloch (University of Michigan Law School) Georgetown University Law Center

Bloch, who has the perspective of both as a former law student and now as professor at Georgetown Law, says:

"Remember that everyone else starting in a law program is as confused and anxious as you are.

Read every assignment, be prepared for class, and review your notes after class.

Start outlining early, whenever you finish a chapter.

Look at old exams, but not until the middle of semester;earlier will probably scare you!

Keep an open mind about your future and what to do after graduation—there is more to life than big law firms.

Study groups are useful—if used for studying." 

Benjamin F. Wilson (Harvard Law School) Beveridge & Diamond, P.C.

"Do good work, but simply doing good or great work is never enough. Get allies in your corner who will recognize and speak up about your successes.

Develop a second skill. Have something to fall back on for those times when you can't pursue your first passion.

Build a network. You never know when the person sitting next to you may be in a position to be helpful, now or in the future.

Work hard to develop a client base and an independent practice.

Seek to serve your broader community and make time for your family and friends."

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