Sunday, August 28, 2016

What's up with 1L enrollment at your law school?

I'm away from my home institution this year, visiting at the U.S. Air Force Academy (where the semester began a few weeks ago). So I was a bit surprised by an email from a colleague the other day back in Ft. Lauderdale (where I normally teach) who told me that 1L enrollment at our school, Nova Southeastern University College of Law, is "way up" compared to previous years. She didn't volunteer a specific number but given reports over the past year about less than robust applicant interest, as measured by LSAT test-takers (here, here and here, among other sources), it was unexpected news to say the least.  Then yesterday the TaxProf Blog reported (via a press release) that U. Colorado School of Law in Boulder had a record number of applicants - up 38% from last year - resulting in the most competitive, strongest entering class credentials in the school's history. Though a sample size of two does not make for a national trend, it makes me wonder whether other schools are seeing a similar, unexpected jump in 1L enrollments. If this does indeed reflect a new trend, remember that you heard it here first. Please share your observations in the comments below.


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At Villanova, our 1L enrollment is also up dramatically. We attributed it to our university's basketball team--NCAA winner. But maybe something else is going on.

Posted by: Louis Sirico | Aug 29, 2016 7:46:52 AM

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