Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Advice on Conducting Skype Interviews

Skype interviews are becoming more common, presumably because they are convenient and do not require travel expenditures. At Vitae, Karen Kelsy offers advice for the interviewer and the interviewee.

Here’s advice for the interviewee:

 Make sure your Internet access is totally reliable.

 Resolve any and all issues with your video camera and mic.

 Be Skype-proficient in the matter of head placement, so that your whole head and part of your shoulders are visible on screen, and looking level into the camera. You don’t want to have your face cut off at the nose, for example, or have the camera coming at you from an odd angle. You might need to place your laptop on a stack of books or a box so that the camera isn’t looking up your nose.

 Ensure that your background is clean, professional-looking, and free of distractions. You can use your office or a home space, but study your backdrop with a critical eye, and ideally have a colleague or a professor do a test Skype with you to give feedback.

 Get some advice on how your interview attire looks on camera. I once had a client who wore a soft-collared beige blouse for our practice Skype interview. It was her go-to interview look, but on Skype it looked like a drab, sad puddle of fabric around her neck, and washed out her face.

For more advice and particularly advice for the interviewer, please click here.



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