Saturday, July 30, 2016

"What Every Law Student Really Needs to Know"

That's the subject of a new article by Professors Tracey E. George and Suzanna Sherry (both of Vanderbilt) recently posted to SSRN here. The full title of the article is What Every Law Student Really Needs to Know: Introducing New Law Students to the Study of Law and here's the abstract:

Law school is an exciting and enriching experience but also an intimidating and difficult one for students. Students and professors want students to succeed. We have written this essay and a book in order to decrease students' anxiety and increase their chances of achieving academic success. We offer here a short introduction to how a new law student can succeed, taken from the Introduction and first chapter of the book. The full book serves as a law school success guide, featuring insight into how and why law school works the way it does and the tools and techniques to fully understand first-year substantive law. In addition to teaching techniques for getting the most out of reading and out of class, the book also conveys information about the American legal system and court structure, and about cross-cutting legal concepts such as burdens of proof and standards of review. By reading this book before law school, students will be able to not only get by, but thrive in the classroom. We want to help law students feel more confident starting their new academic endeavor and be better prepared with the knowledge of what is to come and how to conquer it. We provide a foundation on which law teachers can build in the first year.


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