Wednesday, July 20, 2016

U Nebraska develops new app to help law students develop key lawyering skills has the story:

Law School App Tracks Students’ Professional Skills


The University of Nebraska College of Law’s new Build Your Character app helps students track their law school activities and development in eight key skills areas.


Want to graduate from law school as a well-rounded attorney?


There’s an app for that.


Next month, the University of Nebraska College of Law will roll out an app designed to help students develop 27 distinct professional skills by tracking their activities and coursework. Administrators say that the app, built by students in the university’s computer science school over the past year with input from law faculty and students, is the first of its kind at a law school.


“The goal is to help students focus on the broad range of skills they will need as lawyers,” said Interim Law Dean Richard Moberly. “In some ways, I want students to use this to take ownership over their educational opportunities.”


The Build Your Character app aims to encourage students to look beyond reading, writing and “thinking like a lawyer” to hone abilities including networking, listening, organizing and problem solving—skills that students tend to overlook.


The tracking feature also enables students to easily review all their relevant law school experience ahead of job interviews. Should a student interview for a job at a mediation center, for example, the app can create a document listing every class, organization, speaker and event they attended that dealt with conflict resolution, said Molly Brummond, assistant dean for student and alumni relations. Hence, students have ready-made interview talking points, she said.


Several bar exam and Law School Admission Test prep outfits offer apps, as do legal research databases and The Bluebook—that Bible of legal citation. But law schools in general have been slow to embrace mobile technology.

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