Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Getting Off on the Right Foot with a New Boss

At Chronicle Forums, a reader asks this question:

So we have a new VPAA starting soon, and he asked to meet with me in mid-July to discuss the department I chair, its majors, etc.

I have three goals:

1) Clearly communicate the state of our department and its programs.
2) Get the relationship with the VPAA started on the right foot.
3) Send the signal that our dean has been very difficult to work with (he is the worst supervisor I have ever had), has been strangling our department, etc., without seeming unprofessional.

So... Any advice about how to handle this discussion? Do I just need to leave #3 out? Or are there ways to send the message without compromising #2?

Most responders advised staying away from #3. Soon, I will be speaking with my new dean. I plan to establish my credentials by talking about what I am doing and discussing several projects that I or the school might undertake. I will let the dean learn for himself the negatives.

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