Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A good blog for aspiring legal writers

I recently stumbled upon a new (to me) blog called Word Counter Blog when a post called "How much writing do you have to do in law school?" turn up in my weekly news feed (the author correctly advises aspiring law students that it's not the length of the assignments in law school that's a killer but the time and effort required to hone and polish them).  A quick skim of a few, random posts since the blog was first launched in 2014 indicates it's definitely one lawyers and law students alike may want to regularly check-out since it covers many topics relating to both the process of writing as well as stylistic pointers. Pertinent posts include "How to find time to write" (hint: cut way on watching TV), "How to write a persuasive essay," "What is an average typing speed?" "How many words are there in a 10 minute speech?" and "What is the best font for a business proposal?"

Check out Word Counter Blog here.


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