Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Meta-Mindfulness: A New Hope by Peter H. Huang

Meta-Mindfulness: A New Hope by Peter H. Huang.


"This Essay starts by tracing its origins to an earlier Article, Tiger Cub Strikes Back: Memoirs of an Ex-Child Prodigy About Legal Education and Parenting. This Essay then analyzes mindfulness about mindfulness. This Essay discusses how mindfulness can facilitate and foster positivity in the personal and professional transformative journeys that law students embark on in law school and law practice. Part of that discussion includes an email from a student in Torts I, an email from a student in Economic Analysis of Law, and an unedited sample of five student’s answers, which discuss mindfulness, to each of three questions from the final examination to a section of Legal Ethics and Professionalism: Business Law Issues. This Essay concludes by considering mindfulness as hope."
Note the "meta" in the title.  It is very important that law professors encourage students to think about their thinking processes.

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