Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Violence Against Lawyers

There have been several statewide surveys of lawyers who have encountered work-related violence. Here is a report on a survey by the Michigan Bar Association:

The survey’s chief question asked attorneys if,

while serving as a member of the Michigan legal profession,

they had ever been the recipient of a threat

or the victim of a violent act. Of the 4,219 responses

to this question, 1,529 respondents (36.2 percent)

reported they had been threatened or physically assaulted

at least once.

Survey respondents provided more than 1,000

examples of work-related threats and violence perpetrated

against them. Some examples of egregious

threats and violence reported by Michigan attorneys


*I was followed by the defendant on I-75 for

over 60 miles with him speeding up, passing

me, getting in front of me and slowing down....

*A client who became threatening turned physically

abusive at my home when I told her and

her boyfriend I could not help them anymore.

They attacked me, but severely beat the man

who intervened to help.

*My car was blown up in front of my home.

*My vehicle was tampered with and the wheel

came off.

*Client of co-attorney came into our office with

a shotgun because he was upset that he was

charged with a felony.

*[A]n opposing party tried to run me down with

his tractor . . . .

*Plaintiff handed me a bullet while in court and

said he had another with my name on it.

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