Monday, March 28, 2016

The new issue of the ABA's Student Lawyer Magazine focuses on legal tech skills.

You can check out the full issue here. Below are a sample of articles that may be on interest to our readers.

  • 10 apps and tools for every student lawyer
    As a new law school graduate—and someone who’s run startups that included developing apps and software—I have insights into technology others may not necessarily see. Here are 10 wonderful tools and applications I think every law student should use.

  • Tech tools to simplify legal research and writing
    If there’s one class law students love to hate, it’s Legal Research and Writing. Although it’s clear LRW is important—arguably it’s the most important class you’ll take as a 1L—the reality is that it can take over your life if you’re not careful.
  • Leverage your tech skills into a legal job
    A recent graduate gives a firsthand account of how he’s adapting to his employers’ technology on the job and adding value by volunteering to lead its social media efforts.
  • Appellate briefs: Law school lessons adapted to the real world
    Your goal when writing an appellate brief should be to craft a document that the intended audience will want to start reading at the very beginning and not put down until the end. Your audience should feel a sense of understanding and appreciation for how you were able to tie the whole thing together.
  • The art of legal writing: How to find your voice
    In most law school seminars, the instruction of legal writing usually gets broken down into technical details. However, legal writing—just like every other form of writing—is more art than science.

Get the full list here.


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