Thursday, March 31, 2016

Are You a Perfectionist? 7 Negative Traits

The Wisconsin Lawyer, Paula Davis-Laack states that before you can deal with perfectionism, you have to know if you are a perfectionist. Here are the seven characteristics of perfectionists:

Fear of failure

All-or-nothing thinking


Finding Fault in yourself and others


Excessive need for control

Lack of trust in others

Perfectionism can have unfortunate consequences:

Perfectionistic patterns drain your mental and physical energy and can be associated with workaholism. Perfectionists also tend to think in a very rigid way, and this rigid style of thinking (and the strong emotions that follow) amplifies the body’s stress response. Ultimately, perfectionism can negatively affect your work, your relationships, your home life, and your recreation (do your perfectionistic tendencies make it hard for you to relax and enjoy yourself?)

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