Sunday, February 21, 2016

19 year old Brit created free lawyer-bot that is successfully appealing parking tickets

The author of this story from the Business Insider predicts that lawyer-bots like this one will replace the need to hire real lawyers for simple routine tasks (in this instance, it's already happened). Since launching in late 2015, this free computer program has already helped people in the U.K. successfully appeal more than $3 million in parking tickets. From the Business Insider:

A 19-year-old made a free robot lawyer that has appealed $3 million in parking tickets


Hiring a lawyer for a parking-ticket appeal is not only a headache, but it can also cost more than the ticket itself. Depending on the case and the lawyer, an appeal — a legal process where you argue out of paying the fine — can cost between $400 to $900.


But with the help of a robot made by British programmer Joshua Browder, 19, it costs nothing. Browder's bot handles questions about parking-ticket appeals in the UK. Since launching in late 2015, it has successfully appealed $3 million worth of tickets.


Once you sign in, a chat screen pops up. To learn about your case, the bot asks questions like "Were you the one driving?" and "Was it hard to understand the parking signs?" It then spits out an appeal letter, which you mail to the court. If the robot is completely confused, it tells you how to contact Browder directly.


The site is still in beta, and the full version will launch this spring, Browder, a Stanford University freshman, tells Tech Insider.


Since laws are publicly available, bots can automate some of the simple tasks that human lawyers have had to do for centuries. Browder's isn't even the first lawyer bot. The startupAcadmx's bot creates perfectly formatted legal briefs. The company Lex Machina does data mining on judges' records and makes predictions on what they will do in the future.


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