Sunday, December 27, 2015

Incorporating legal skills training into a transnational curriculum

This is a new essay by Professors Michael Simons and Margaret McGuinness (both of St. John's) called American Legal Education, Skills Training, and Transnational Legal Practice: Combining DAO and SHU for the Global Practitioner published at 8 Tsinghua China L. Rev. 125 (2015) and available here on SSRN. From the abstract:

Transnational law subjects have become an integral part of U.S. law school curricula, and international students are vital members of our law school communities. However, to adequately prepare lawyers more effectively for global legal practice, law schools must integrate skills training into the teaching of transnational law. This essay discussing one comparative approach follows a recent symposia addressing current issues facing global legal education, and China’s reform programs for legal education.


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