Sunday, November 22, 2015

10 Ways to Bounce Back After Failing the Bar

At this time of year, we all know law graduates who can use a little reassurance and advice.Not everyone passes the bar exam on the first attempt. Here, Harrison Barnes gives level-headed advice for those who need to move on and try again. Good advice to pass on to students.

In addition, he lists seven famous people who failed the bar on their first attempt. You will be surprised. You know them all.


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Barnes is wrong in listing Benjamin Cardozo as having failed the bar exam. This pernicious canard has been posted and reposted many times in the past few years. (Joseph Marino blogged as recently as October 22 of this year that Cardozo “failed several times.”) The truth is contained in Andrew Kaufman’s biography, Cardozo, at p. 54: young Benjamin applied for admission to the New York on June 26, 1891, as soon as he turned 21. He was duly examined and was admitted on October 26 of that year. Now it IS true that Cardozo dropped out of Columbia without having received a law degree, but that’s another story (told at p.49).

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