Thursday, October 22, 2015

Wake Forest Law Review Symposium: Revisiting Langdell: Legal Education Reform and the Lawyer's Craft

From Chris Coughlin:

"This Friday, October 23, the Wake Forest Law Review is holding its annual symposium-- Revisiting Langdell:  Legal Education Reform and the Lawyer's Craft. This symposium, which has its origins in the work of Wake Forest Legal Writing Professor Hal Lloyd, will explore how legal education can and should move away from the traditional Langdellian model toward creating the 'more intellectually vigorous and life-affirming law schools that market, morals, and humanity demand. This involves exploring the relations between theory and practice, rejecting the notion that practice taints scholarship, and embracing the opposite notion that deeper scholarship requires practice. It also involves embracing the necessary role of the humanities in good legal education.'"

More: "Embracing the inseparability of legal doctrine and legal practice sheds much light on the lawyer’s craft, on useful law school curriculum reform, and on what the bar might reasonably expect from law schools. Through this unified lens, the Symposium will look beyond Langdell’s “Socratic” method focused on redacted appellate cases and will explore a richer theoretical understanding of legal education and scholarship and the lawyer’s craft. To paraphrase Kant, the Symposium will explore how doctrine without practice is empty, how practice without doctrine is blind, and how, as a correlate of this separate emptiness and blindness, the humanities play a critical role in law and legal education and scholarship."

This looks like a wonderful conference.  You can find more information here.

(Scott Fruehwald)

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