Monday, September 7, 2015

The Most Scholarly SCOTUS Justices

Here’s an intriguing study. It ranks Supreme Court Justices according to the number of law review articles they have authored. It also ranks them according to the number of citations that these articles have generated. Brian Frye, The Most Scholarly Justices.   Here is the abstract:

Supreme Court justices both use and produce legal scholarship. This article identifies the ten most scholarly justices, based on both productivity and impact. The results suggest that scholarly productivity and scholarly impact are only partially correlated. They also suggest that scholarly productivity peaked in the mid-20th Century, but scholarly impact is broadly distributed.

The top three productive Justices, in order, are Chief Justice Burger, Justice Ginsburg, and Justice Clark.

The top three “scholarly” Justices (most cites) are Justices Holmes, Brennan, and Frankfurter.

You can find longer listings and discussion here. For what it’s worth.


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