Saturday, September 26, 2015

Results of Misconduct & Disability Proceedings on Judges Will Be Published on Court Websites

To provide greater transparency, the Judicial Conference of the United States has imposed new rules:

  • A requirement that chief judge and circuit judicial council final orders disposing of a misconduct or disability complaint be published on a court’s public website. (Rule 24) Previously the JC&D Rules only required that final orders be made public at the office of the circuit clerk or on the court's public website;
  • Two new grounds for “cognizable misconduct” including “retaliating against complainants, witnesses, or others for their participation in the complaint process (Rule 3(h)); or “refusing without good cause shown, to cooperate in the investigation of a complaint under these rules.” (Rule 3(h)); and
  • An expansion of the meaning of “disability” so it may include “impairment of cognitive abilities that renders the judge unable to function effectively.” (Rule 3(h)).

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