Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Lawyer Bills Clients for Watching TV

A Tennessee lawyer has been suspended from the practice of law for one year because of a pattern of misconduct that included extreme overbilling, in which she charged her clients an hourly rate of $250 for services that included 20 hours watching episodes of the television crime series 48 Hours. The Court noted that the lawyer racked up $140,000 in billings in two and a half months, in spite of the fact that:

 She had taken no witness statements, prepared no expert statements, taken no depositions, propounded no discovery requests. She had, however, engaged in a prodigious amount of wheel-spinning, spending countless hours, charged at a lawyer rate, in activities such as watching 48 Hours television episodes, waiting in hospitals for medical records, and doing internet research on strangulation.

The lawyer’s lack of recognition of wrongdoing was an aggravating factor. Among other comments, she wrote in a motion, “Since when is television not a respectable avenue for research anyway. [sic]”   Since July 23, 2015, apparently. 

Thnks to the Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.



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