Monday, September 28, 2015

Law school survival guide from the National Law Journal

The National Law Journal has published a special report for law students on how to survive (and thrive) in law school and beyond. Below are links to each of the advice columns that comprise the special report some of which you may want to share with your students.

How to Clinch That 'A' and Not Lose Your Mind
Avoiding procrastination, staying organized, and balancing courses are keys to success.


Before Going to Law School, Live Your Life
Gaining experience prior to pursuing a Juris Doctor degree made a KPMG executive a better student.


'Soft Skills' Are What Make Good Lawyers Great
The vast majority of job candidates know the law. Those who shine know themselves even better.


Stressing Out in Law School Is a Matter of Choice
You can decide whether to merely survive the experience or thrive by refusing to "compare and despair."


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