Friday, September 18, 2015

"Fifty Plus Years and Counting: A History of Experiential Learning and Clinical Opportunities at Thurgood Marshall School of Law"

This is a new article from Professors Martina Cartwright and Thelma Harmon (Thurgood Marshall) and available at 39 T. Marshall L. Rev. 187 (2014). From the abstract:

The shortcomings of today's law graduate lies not in a deficient knowledge of the law, but that he has little, if any training in dealing with facts or people-the stuff of which cases are really made. It is a rare graduate, for example, who knows how to ask questions-simple, single questions, one at a time, in order to develop facts in evidence in interviewing witness or examining him in a courtroom. 
Experience and properly trained lawyers greatly contribute to the expeditious and nonreversible trial of criminal and civil courts. Graduates . . . should be prepared properly to represent the citizens of Texas in the courtrooms.

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