Saturday, September 19, 2015

ABA Reverses Experimental Waiver on LSATs

From preLaw:

One year after allowing high-achieving undergrads to apply to law school without taking the LSAT, the American Bar Association has reversed course and said, um, never-mind.

Only a few law schools were trying the concept and accepted such students for this year's class. However, that may have changed if the new admissions process had time to mature. Under it, undergrads could only apply to their graduate law schools. Law schools were limited to accepting just 10 percent of their enrolling class this way.

“We're a a little disappointed,” said Robert Harrison, associate dean of admissions and financial services for St. John's University School of Law, which admitted seven students this year through the new method. “We thought it would be an interesting experiment when it comes to judging other law school indicators besides the LSAT.”

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