Thursday, August 27, 2015

Conditional Scholarships Still Abound

A student with a conditional scholarship must keep a certain grade point in order to retain the scholarship. Without that scholarship, a student may be in a terrible bind. The student still has the grades to stay in law school, but maybe not the money to pay the expense.

From PreLaw:

Despite negative press coverage in the past, more law students receive conditional scholarships than ever before. American Bar Association data shows that 120 law schools offered conditional scholarships to more than 11,300 students, or 29 percent of all students, in 2013-2014, the most recent year data is available. Seventy-three percent of those students kept their scholarships, up from 68.5 percent in 2011. 

But there are still big disparities in school retention rates. While 46 of the 120 law schools have retention rates higher than 80 percent, there are still 29 schools with retention rates below 60 percent.

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