Monday, June 29, 2015

Law Students Taking “J.D. Advantage” Jobs

A significant number of our students are taking these jobs. Here is the ABA definition of “J.D. advantage positions”:

A position in this category is one for which the employer sought an individual with a J.D., and perhaps even required a J.D., or for which the J.D. provided a demonstrable advantage in obtaining or performing the job, but which does not itself require bar passage or an active law license or involve practicing law. Examples of positions for which a J.D. is an advantage include a corporate contracts administrator, alternative dispute resolution specialist, government regulatory analyst, FBI agent, and accountant.

Among 2014 grads, 14.5% (6,360 grads) took J.D. advantage positions. The question: are we (or should we) do anything different to prepare students for these positions?

You can find the ABA statistics here.


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