Tuesday, June 16, 2015

FYI - A new user's guide to the 20th edition of the Bluebook will be released next month

The new 20th edition of the Bluebook is out now and thus West Academic Press plans to publish next month a new user's guide to go along with it called Anthon's The Bluebook Uncovered: A Practical Guide to Mastering Legal Citation. In addition to helping students navigate the Byzantinian citation rules, it also includes several exercises you can assign in class to help test their knowledge of the rules.  I've always been partial to a user's guide authored by Alan Dworsky as simple, easy to follow resource for my 1Ls (sans the multiple choice exercises) but so far the publisher hasn't indicating whether a new, revised edition will be forthcoming.  

In the meantime, West will be releasing Anthon's user's guide on July 31. The publisher's description is as follows:

This new book provides a fresh, innovative approach that enables students to master the Bluebook citation rules needed in legal research and writing courses and in legal practice. It combines detailed, yet easy-to-understand, explanations and examples of Bluebook rules with different types of exercises, which are also available online. The exercises begin with multiple choice questions that assist students’ mastery of discrete rules, followed by short answer questions that allow students to practice implementing the rules by drafting individual citations. Finally, a comprehensive exercise puts citations in the context of a legal document and requires students to make the necessary corrections. The available answers for all exercises include detailed explanations that further students’ understanding of the applicable rules.

You can check it out further here.



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