Saturday, June 27, 2015

Former Student at North Dakota Law Sues Administrators and Employees

From the Forum News Service:

A former University of North Dakota student is suing the school, university president and four law school employees,.

Garet Bradford, 46, claims he wasn't granted due process, was discriminated against because of his age and had his freedom of speech restricted before being dismissed from the law school in May.

The complaint was originally filed by Bradford about a week after his May 13 dismissal from the school via email. It states he was summoned near the beginning of his second semester at the law school because there had been issues with his application that had been accepted about eight months prior.

The complaint states Bradford attempted to resolve issues with law school professors and administrators, including Dean Kathryn Rand, Assistant Dean Bradley Parrish, professor Steven Morrison and UND President Robert Kelley, but was repeatedly misinformed or denied information.

Bradford filed an amended complaint June 9, adding the fifth law school employee to the suit, professor James Grijalva. The complaint states Bradford appealed a quiz grade from Grijalva in February before his application was called into question and was told his tone was negative and he lacked character.

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