Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Realistic Summer Writing Schedule

Here is some advice from an article byTheresa MacPhail:  

Here is a short excerpt:

You’re better off scheduling your writing in blocks of two to four hours, with regular breaks. For the summer months, I don’t recommend trying to write more than four days a week. We all have families, friends, and lives. You will be more productive during your writing sessions if you’re happy and relaxed instead of stressed out.

Writer, know thyself.

Craft a writing schedule and goals that work for you. That’s tricky because it requires you to really be honest about yourself and what kind of writer you are. Do you tend to be focused for a couple of hours and then do very little at your desk after that? Then schedule writing blocks of one to two hours to accommodate your style. Do you need a deadline in order to work at all? Then set one up with a friend (again, however, be realistic about it).

In figuring out a schedule, your best bet is to be honest about what works for you—for example how many hours are you able to spend each day, how much text can you produce in a day, how will you make up for lost time when you fall behind, do you tend to do too much research in order to avoid writing?


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