Monday, May 25, 2015

What if Some Employees at Blockbuster Had Had Tenure?

At one time, Blockbuster was a huge, successful operation and Netflix was struggling. Blockbuster had the chance to buy Netflix and didn’t. Now, Blockbuster is no more, and Netflix is thriving. At the blog of Inside Higher Education (here), we confront a question that permits an analogy to higher education:

And what if these employees were not those running the place (not the CEO or the CFO etc.), but the most respected employees in the entertainment / media / technology / retail industries who also happened to work at Blockbuster.  

These Blockbuster tenured respected industry employees would have had some protections and cover to go against the prevailing Blockbuster organizational structure and conventional wisdom at the time.  

Would the tenured Blockbuster employees have spent their organizational capital and job security to argue against the decision of management not to buy Netflix? 

 Would the tenured Blockbuster employees have entered the marketplace of ideas at the company in order to argue against the prevailing wisdom?  

         Could tenure have saved Blockbuster? 

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