Sunday, May 31, 2015

Top 5 tips for summer associates from the Wall Street Journal

From the Dealpolitik column at the Wall Street Journal Blog:

Five Tips for Law Firm Summer Associates

It’s summer associate season, when promising second-year students head to prestigious law firms for what’s essentially a combined tryout and marathon recruiting event for a permanent position after graduation. It’s the first professional job for many law students in the top echelon, and, if we’re being honest, brilliant lawyers don’t always have the most common sense. In my years as a big-firm partner, I saw many enthusiastic summer associates quickly mark themselves as future stars, while others took a bit longer to develop. Some crash and burn in just a few weeks. Here are a few tips I suggest you consider if you are starting your career by going down this path.

  1. It’s all about work.
  2. Behave.
  3. Performance matters. 
  4. Make yourself useful.
  5. Relax.

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