Friday, May 29, 2015

Synthesized Rules as Class Preparation

The latest issue of The Law Teacher is out, and it contains a wonderful article by Hillary Burgess: Synthesized Rules as Class Preparation: Teaching Synthesis Techniques While Ensuring Every Student Is Prepared for Class.

An excerpt:

"At both my second and fourth tier schools, I found that many of my first year students spent hours preparing for class but were still under-prepared because they didn’t know what it meant to prepare adequately. These students could become excellent, competent, and responsible attorneys. However, their prior education did not adequately prepare them for law school learning, especially the self-reflective aspects of that new challenge. I wanted to help these students realize their full potential.

Simultaneously, I realized that traditional doctrinal classes do not provide much opportunity to teach and test synthesis."

I agree with Professor Burgess that synthesis is an under-taught skill.  Her approach will help students better master a skill that is very important to becoming a lawyer.

(Scott Fruehwald)

P.S. The Law Teacher is a wonderful resource for ideas on teaching.  You can find back issues on the ILTL website here.

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