Friday, May 22, 2015

N.Y. to Adopt “Easier” Bar Exam

From Outside the Law School Scam blog:

[N.Y.] Chief Judge [Jonathan] Lippman, . . . decided to adopt a much easier bar exam. . . . Lippman's edict to adopt an easier test called the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) comes within weeks of New York's February bar exam results, which showed some of the worst pass rates for first-time test-takers ever.  Only 43% of first-time test-takers passed the February exam, which usually has a lower pass rate than July's exam...but not that much lower.

There are steps that the Judge may or may not have taken,for example, determining if the bar applicants were of weaker quality than prior applicants and examining the test to see if the questions were of the same level of difficulty as prior tests.

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From 2011, on the increasingly unspeakable truth behind this dumbing down:

"Bar passage, it turns out, correlates pretty closely with LSAT scores – not surprisingly, as they’re both big tests with a lot of multiple-choice questions – and affirmative action students, by definition, tend to have lower LSAT scores. My prediction is that the ultimate result will be intense pressure from law schools for the dumbing-down of bar exams."

See "Bar Exams (Reality) Vs Diversity" By James Fulford

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