Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Law Librarians Blog is back

Those of you who've followed the Law Prof family of blogs over the years no doubt remember Joe Hodnicki who founded the network with TaxProf blogger Professor Paul Caron. Joe had for years been blogging at the Law Librarian Blog before he sold his interest in the Law Prof Blogs Network to Professor Caron a few years ago. He then started blogging at the Law Librarians Blog along with co-founder Mark Giangrande.  Sadly, Joe and Mark announced nearly a year ago that they'd be winding it down. As we said at the time, "it is the end of an era" for some trail-blazing bloggers. 

Well, Mark just announced that he's back and is blogging again at the Law Librarians Blog. Joe is still on the masthead so maybe he'll start contributing again to the blogosphere. Whether the Law Librarian or Law Librarians Blog, Joe and Mark were always worth following. We're glad their back and strongly suggest you add them to your daily blog feed.




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