Monday, February 2, 2015

Use of Technology in Teaching

Use of Technology in Teaching by Michele R. Pistone & Warren Binford.

Building on Best Practices: Transforming Legal Education in a Changing World (Deborah Maranville, Lisa Radtke Bliss, Carolyn Wilkes Kaas & Antoinette Sedillo Lopez eds., Lexis 2015, Forthcoming).


"This book chapter identifies and discusses technologies that have begun to gain traction within legal education in recent years, as well as others that are still emerging. It argues that legal educators should recognize that many of these technologies are well suited to help implement best practices in scientifically-supported teaching methods such as active learning, collaboration, problem solving, and regular assessment and feedback. The chapter urges law teachers and administrators to become familiar with the growing pool of modern educational technologies, and ensure that law school faculty members are provided with the professional development and support needed to adapt their teaching and course design to incorporate modern technologies in meaningful and relevant ways."

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