Saturday, February 28, 2015

Dean of George Washington U. Law School tells Chronicle of Higher Ed "never been a better time to consider getting a legal education"

This video interview between CHE's Beckie Supiano and GW Dean (and president of AALS) Blake Morant.  It is part of a series of video interviews that CHE is conducting with leaders throughout higher ed.  You can see the video interview here and read the transcript as well.  Below is a brief excerpt.

BECKIE SUPIANO: I'm here with Blake Morant, the dean of the George Washington University Law School and the president of the Association of American Law Schools. Thanks for taking the time to speak with us this morning.


BLAKE MORANT: Thank you so much, Beckie. I'm very, very pleased to be here with you.


BECKIE SUPIANO: So it's not the easiest time to be running a law school these days. Demand from prospective students has really tapered off. The job market for new law graduates isn't the strongest it's ever been. How are you facing these challenges at George Washington?


BLAKE MORANT: I really believe there's never been a better time to really consider getting a legal education. And just as you said before, there are many different challenges that the law school faces. I would indeed say that these challenges are pretty much standard among many institutions in higher education—the demand for services, the expense that goes into investing in an education. Those individuals who are actually considering a career, trying to think about what's going to give them the best value for their money.


I have always said that a law degree is a degree that gives to you for a lifetime. There are many different individuals doing a variety of different things who've gone to law school. Some are traditional lawyers. Some of them are in business. Some of them are in government. All of them will tell you that the skills that they received from their legal education have really benefited them in their careers. And their career paths, which now is more of a journey than a destination.


So I'm excited about being a part of this—as I consider to be continuing evolution in American legal education.


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