Sunday, January 18, 2015

What Are the Best Markets for Law Grads?

Here's the answer:

From PreLaw:

But there are jobs to be had out West. In fact, the Mountain region ranks as the best legal job market for entry-level graduates, thanks to strong demand in Utah, Colorado and Nevada. The National Jurist analyzed data from NALP's Jobs & JDs Class of 2013 report, and employment data from the American Bar Association, to determine which job markets have the most job opportunities per competition.

To do so it looked at ratio of jobs to graduates, school placement rates, and the number of job seekers in a  region. It divided the country into 20 regions. While New York firms employ far more law graduates than employers in any other region, there is also stiff competition for those jobs. Still, New York placed fourth in the analysis. Texas placed second, followed by Georgia at No. 3. Illinois placed fifth. 

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