Wednesday, January 28, 2015

More on limited licensed legal technicians

As previously noted, Washington is the first state in the nation to license non-lawyers to dispense legal advice (AKA "limited licensed legal technicians") though at present these new legal services providers may only do so in domestic relations matters.  Other states like California and New York are considering similar programs.  Robert Ambrogi has a good post at his LawSites blog that discusses and links to stories around the web (including the ABA Journal and ATL (also here)) expressing a variety of viewpoints on LLLTs from those who are worried they will take business away from lawyers to those who share Mr. Ambrogi's view that the unmet need for legal services by lower income clients is so large that LLLTs can't put a dent in it much less undermine the business of solo and small firm practitioners.  

It's highly likely we'll see more states get on board with LLLTs in the near future so you may want to check out what others are saying about this new group of quasi-lawyers at Mr. Ambrogi's blog here.


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